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NO.1 During food digestion, nutrients are broken down through mechanical and chemical processes.
The mechanical phase of digestion begins when you take a bite of food. Food is then physically
broken down into smaller particles so that digestive enzymes can act. Chemical digestion involves a
change in the chemical nature of nutrients so that they can be broken down further and absorbed
into the bloodstream.
Which digestive activity is an example of chemical digestion?
A. swallowing the food
B. grinding and chewing the food by back teeth
C. churning the food in the stomach by the stomach muscles
D. cutting and tearing the food by front teeth
E. digestive enzymes breaking down complex molecules of protein
Answer: E

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NO.2 In asexual reproduction, one cell or a group of cells from a single parent develops into an
offspring genetically identical to the parent.
Which statement would likely be considered a disadvantage to the long-term survival for an organism
that reproduces by asexual reproduction?
A. Asexual reproduction is more convenient.
B. The organism doesn't need to find a mate.
C. Reproducing asexually is much faster.
D. The offspring is a copy of the successful parent.
E. There is a lack of variation in the organism.
Answer: E

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